You may be aware of the various Internet systems that offer opportunities to make money quickly and effortlessly. There really are many programs on the Internet and sadly, most of them offer nothing else, but empty promises, and even if you do fulfill all the criteria and submit completed surveys, you may not receive a single payout.  Fortunately, however, there are also many companies, which fulfill their promises and give their users legitimate opportunities to earn money. We would like to mention a few of these on this website.

Participating in online surveys seems to be a popular choice for many people to make a little extra income. Check out the following paid survey sites and register with them.

To maximize your earnings, you can register with as many paid survey websites as possible. Registering with multiple companies means potentially having access to more online questionnaires and surveys.

How to make money through online paid surveys. Work at home!

There is no limit to how many companies you register with. When you register with a legitimate company (such as the ones listed on our website) , you can be confident, that you will receive payments in cash or in form of other rewards (e-gift cards, promo vouchers) with no hidden fees.


Marketagent is a questionnaire/survey company that performs over 800 studies per year and adds approximately 400 new members to its database every day. For these online surveys to be carried out, they need the interviewers/people to answer their questions. And that’s the way you can earn money. has a sophisticated payout system. For completing a questionnaire, bonus points are credited to your account. These points, of course, have the price of cash, which you can later transfer into your Paypal or Bank account.  You even receive a signup bonus points – 150 bonus points when you register. Earn money with every online survey. Sign up now to Marketagent.


Another legitimate company, that has good reviews on the Internet is a company called Swagbucks. This company has been operating for over 14 years. And in that time they have established collaboration with more than 13 million people. To this date, paid over 300 million $ to its members. In addition, Swagbucks pays its members 7000 e-gift carts every day. Aside from paid surveys, Swagbucks members have at least 10 different ways in which they can earn money. These include cashback, playing games, printing coupons, searching the web (using the Swagbucks search engine or mobile phone app), watching videos, shopping, micro jobs, referral program, lottery, Swag codes. This survey company is certainly one of the most favorite companies.


Earn money online, doing almost nothing! Simply share your opinion – anonymously of course. Hundreds of different brands want to know what their potential customers are thinking, and this could be your chance. offers not only the option to earn money through completing paid surveys, but you could also improve your earnings by doing different micro-tasks and offers, mobile apps testing or you could enter their wheel of fortune option and earn money. OnlinePanel is an international company operating in more than 40 countries, including the USA, UK, and Canada. This company offers up to $4 for completing one online survey, which is the highest reward compared to other companies listed in this article. The registration will only take a couple of minutes.

TGM Panel

TGM Panel is an online research panel that belongs to the global survey agency that is represented on all five continents – TGM Research FZE. It is, therefore, a foreign agency, that operates in over 70 countries worldwide.

The TGM Panel is open to all testers and allows its participants to work in more than 29 world languages. The surveys on usually take 5-15 minutes and consist of 20 to 40 questions where you can express your opinion. As expected, the registration is free. The company offers up to $ 2.60 for one online study/completed questionnaire. You can request a payout from as little as $10.

ySense (ClixSense) 

Earning money on the Internet does not have to be just completing questionnaires. If you are tired of answering questions, try, where you can earn money performing a variety of tasks. Once you have completed tasks, you can start withdrawing your money. Payouts can be as low as ten dollars and are payable to Dwolla, Payoneer, Skrill or Tango Card wallet with the money arriving within five business days. In our opinion, ySense (Clixsense) is one of the best paid survey sites currently on the market. It certainly has the best ratings on the Internet. Join ySense now, and start earning money for your online activities, including paid surveys, visiting websites, shopping online, free offers and many more.


Get money for sharing your opinion. Discrete and simple, offers the opportunity to earn money by completing online paid surveys. This site has been functioning for over three years, it is considered to be a reputable company with hundreds of active members. Complete various questionnaires and surveys on your computer or a mobile device, remember to the bonuses to your daily activity, as the bonuses could help you increase your cash income.  There are hundreds of new questionnaires added every day and these cover various subjects relating to market research, literally from A to Z. Select the subject you are most comfortable with and start earning. You never know, what starts as a small side income, could  grow into a nice passive income. It’s never too late to start.


Have you ever wondered what happens to the online questionnaires and surveys that you’ve spent such a long time completing? Was your opinion helpful? What was the result of the survey? Well, now you don‘t have to! is here! On Yougov, you not only receive a reward for a completed questionnaire, but you could also find out the results of the survey on the home page. There are many different rewards on offer. The most valuable are undoubtedly the various gift cards valid for purchase on the internet or physical stores, alternatively, you could also choose to receive financial rewards instead of vouchers. All YouGov surveys are completed online and could be completed at your convenience.


This company’s headquarters are in San Francisco, California. operates globally and accepts users not only from the USA but from other countries, too.  This survey site offers a welcome bonus for any new members. They will credit your account with one dollar, just for registering alone. Once registered, you can start completing questionnaires from the comfort of your home, both via the PC and, of course, from your mobile or tablet device. Their referral reward system is by far the best. Introducing new members (friends, family, acquaintances, etc.) to this way of online earnings can also earn you a little extra. Put simply, Padviewpoint could bring you a fairly decent passive income.

Ipsos I-Say

Another interesting company dedicated to online market research is Ipsos I-say. Again, it is a company that operates internationally, which means that it operates not only in the USA but also in 100 countries worldwide. This company has been around for over 40 years and has more than 3 million satisfied respondents who, through completing surveys, earn extra few dollars in addition to their salary (or pension income, maternity pay).  Claim your reward after collecting 500 points and choose how would you like to be paid – cash – payable through the PayPal internet wallet, or payout in the form of vouchers. Any other interesting facts? Perhaps we ought to mention that 100 points = 1 USD. You could receive up to 8 surveys per month on average, so reaching the pay-out minimum threshold could be very fast.

Survey Savvy

We believe the more opportunities and ways you could earn money, the better. follows this ideology and there are several ways to earn money on this website. With Supersavvy, you could be completing the usual surveys and questionnaires, but there are also public opinion surveys or a bonus program, which consists of introducing your friends and acquaintances to the website and earning money for their activity on the web. Payouts could start from as little as one dollar! Not a SurveySavvy member yet? Join now!


Company has been there for over ten years, during which it has come to all major European countries and even to South America. The original german research company rewards the questionnaires for different topics and always applies the longer the questionnaire, the higher the reward. Payout is possible from twenty dollars, via the PayPal internet wallet. Work whenever you want and absolutely unbound. Membership is completely free. Earn money with your opinion! Collect points for every survey you take!


Are you sometimes wondering, who you are actually helping by completing the online questionnaires? is looking for participants to complete questionnaires/surveys on a daily basis. Your opinion could be important for brands such as Disney, Sony or Fiat, for example. Receive points for sharing your opinion, which can be exchanged for the most diverse rewards. These can range from various discounts and vouchers, but you can also something we all are familiar with – cash. In our opinion, Toluna is a great choice. It is is the world’s fastest-growing survey and opinion community!

Join Hiving

Company does not only deal with questionnaires and polls, but also with testing different products and generating feedback for manufacturers. You can even sign up with one click – through your profile on Facebook. In addition to PayPal payment, you can also get money in the form of purchase vouchers at’s world’s largest e-shop, or earn money to provide a charity. You also get profit when you bring a new member to the page. Making money online can also be fun.


Just a few clicks away and you are already a member of, a questionnaire that collects the opinions of people around the world.  For one paid questionnaire, you can earn up to $ 4.5, depending on its length and importance. Notifications of new polls and questionnaires are email-based, but you are guaranteed that this company will not spam it with unwanted ads. You can fill them up on your computer, tablet, and mobile phone, so you do not hinder anything in the way of earning money. Mypanellab is easy way to make money without leaving your home.

Technical Advisory Board

Help shape the future of technology! The Technology Advisory Board, another site for Internet surveys, is enticing this phrase. And we will add to that – and make some extra money. One point earned is equal to one penny and you need at least 2,500 to claim a payout.  But do not worry, you will not wait long. Hunger for opinion remains, and one poll turns the other. You will not be bored. When you complete a research survey, you will receive $7 to $25.


Do you want to earn a few dollars and still have an overview of what your favorite brands are going for in the future? will allow you to do so. In the questionnaire surveys you are taking, you will have the opportunity to influence your opinion on the development of new products by large and small world players in different markets. In addition, for every completed poll you will receive a cash prize for your PayPal wallet. Becoming a Future Talker means your opinion is being heard!


PermissionResearch company collects information from more than two million members around the world, to influence the functioning of the Internet. Of course, time is money and your time is worth something. thinks about it, and you can choose your money for filled-in questionnaires, send gift vouchers, or help the Trees for the Future, a non-profit organization that seeks to improve the environment in developing countries.


The name speaks for itself. is the world of opinion and also the world where you can easily and quickly make money on the Internet. So each of you can improve. Payouts can be made via PayPal, but there are alternatives in the form of shopping vouchers – Amazon, iTunes and other stores. There are all kinds of online surveys that you can participate in and once you apply and become a member you can start taking part immediately. In addition, each quarter of the year competes for a full five thousand pounds in the lottery for all members of the panel.


It’s the offer of the market research company Dr. Grieger & Cie from Germany. currently operates in 60 countries and is conducting worldwide online surveys via the internet and smartphone applications. Surveys are from science and market research. Researchers and companies are interested in your opinion to further develop their products and services. As with some other paid market surveys, Mobrog can also fill in polls from your mobile phone, which is particularly useful if you are traveling on the road and do not spend a relaxing weekend at home. 

If you have enough free time, you can fill it in a useful way by filling out surveys.  We certainly recommend this. Not only can you earn cash or interesting rewards in this way, but you are also always included in various competitions or in winning prizes.